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Tweet Wednesday 17th February 2021

10 top orienteering activities to occupy the children this February half-term

Keeping children entertained during half-term is a challenge at the best of times, but Orienteering is a great way to stay active locally in the area where you live and within the government COVID-19 restrictions.

British Orienteering has put together an action-packed list of things to do for families to enjoy with children at home, in the garden and in local green spaces. Simply download the free activities and fun challenges – and have fun!

10 orienteering activities to do this February half-term.

1.  Design your own orienteering course around your house, or in the garden. 
This is easy to do, just create your own map – all you need is a blank piece of paper, then using a pencil and ruler just sketch out your garden or house or a combination of both. Download and print the markers for free from the British Orienteering website resources page here
Then plan a challenge around the house and garden. Mark a circle on your map and put something out at each point, this could be an orienteering marker, or you could hide various toys or treats, it is entirely up to you. With any challenge, it may take a few controls / markers for your child to get the swing of it, but once they do, you won’t stop them!  You can set up several variations of challenges with letters and numbers - and you could even let your child create their own challenge for you to enjoy.

2.  Have fun with Dizzy Directions.
Challenge your child to race to the different compass points. Learn about the activity by watching this video and download the free markers you will need here.


3.  Download a Maze puzzle and work out how to get to each numbered control in order.
Just like orienteering!  Find out more here.

4.  For those cold or rainy days – downloadable indoor activities for free from the British Orienteering website.
A wide range of activities to keep busy from orienteering word searches, sudoku orienteering symbol and letters puzzles to children’s jigsaws to download, cut up and solve.  Find these activities here.

5.  Ever played Matching Trios?
These are activities which ask you to match the map feature with the terrain picture and the control description. Choose from a wide range of matching trio challenges about Earth, Rock, Water, Vegetation and Man-Made Features. Can you complete them all?
Find these sets of challenges here.

6.  Knolls and Depressions is an outdoor activity that helps improve physical fitness and agility and is lots of fun!
It is a game for two players or two teams, for all ages and is fun and very competitive.
Watch this video and find out more.


7.  Did you know there are over 500 Permanent Orienteering Courses located across the UK?
A Permanent Orienteering Course is a perfect way to get active and enjoy the scenery and green spaces with your family. You can also them as a competitive time trial. There is also a brilliant selection of virtual courses to be completed by using the GPS on your mobile phone so have you checked out what is local to where you live? Find out more here.

Please note:
Due to COVID-19 restrictions across the UK Permanent Orienteering and Virtual Orienteering Courses should only be undertaken if they are local to you.

8.  Scottish Orienteering Association have been busy gathering a full set of 87 puzzles and 13 challenges for you to complete.
The puzzles include Spot the Difference, Crack the Code, Hidden Thistles, Missing Kite – Brain Teasers - check them out!  The challenges include  colouring sheets to download, origami kites, as well as orienteering board games such as dominoes, bingo, jigsaws and many more!
You can access the full set here.

9.  Fun for adults and kids alike - why not invent your own orienteering themed game?
Crags and Mudslides (Snakes and Ladders) or snap (words and symbols) are just a few ideas to get you thinking.

10.  Take on this word challenge.
How many words can you make from the letters in: ‘ORIENTEERING IS GREAT’?

O  R  I  E  N  T  E  E  R  I  N  G  I  S  G  R  E  A  T

You can only use each letter once in the words that you make. Words are to be made using two letters or more.


Why not share these activities with your family and friends? You can access all these resources, activities, and challenges here.

Don't forget to tell British Orienteering how you got on?  Which activities did you complete?  
We would love to hear from you and see how you enjoyed these activities on your doorstep.    


Why not share these activities and challenges with your family and friends?  You can access all of these resources, activities and challenges here.