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Tweet Thursday 15th April 2021

Update about World Orienteering Day 2021: Save the Date! 19 - 25 May 2021

Source:  On behalf of Tom Hollowell, IOF Secretary General / CEO

The global situation with the Covid-19 pandemic continues to be uncertain although there are starting to be more positive signs in many places. The situation with the pandemic seems to be very different in each country and location. Naturally, it is very difficult to then plan a truly global project like World Orienteering Day.

When we recently announced that World Orienteering Day 2021 would be postponed from May to September, we received a large number of positive comments and confirmation that this was an appropriate decision. But we also received a surprisingly large, and nearly equal, number of comments from organisers that they were ready to organise in May and that it was a pity to not be able to do so. The Russian Orienteering Federation specifically proposed to be able to organise in either May or September so as not to lose the traction that had been built up around the May dates.

At the IOF Council meeting on 26 March the subject was discussed, and a decision was made in accordance with the ROF proposal. In other words, World Orienteering Day 2021 events may be registered and organised in the period May 19 – 25 and September 8 – 14, as the pandemic situation in your country allows.

The homepage has being updated to reflect this decision and allow registrations for both periods.

More information will be issued in the upcoming days and weeks.



Please note: All activities would need to adhere to the COVID-19 restrictions across the UK and where you live. 

Save the date!  19 - 25 May 2021