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Tweet Monday 19th April 2021

One month to go! Free resources launched for World Orienteering Week

Just now one month to go!  WOW!  The countdown to the first set of dates for World Orienteering Week 2021 in May 2021 has started. 

Two opportunities this year ! Any orienteering activity held between the dates of 19 May to 25 May 2021 and 8  September and 14 September 2021, can be registered as a World Orienteering Day event. 

Jenny Nilsson, Project Manager for World Orienteering Day, says: 
"Organising a global event is truly challenging this year, when the world is struggling against the Covid-19 pandemic and the progress with the vaccination is very different in each country and location. However, I feel that many of you around the world are planning safe activities because you truly want to give young people the possibility to try our amazing sport. And that’s what World Orienteering Day is all about, increasing the visibility and accessibility of orienteering to young people! I wish all of you who are planning a World Orienteering Day event, either in May or in September, good luck! Thank you all for being part of World Orienteering Day and bringing orienteering to the world!"

Orienteering is a sport that keeps you fit, challenges the mind, and is lots of fun!

The World Orienteering Day / Week webpage on the British Orienteering website has now been updated and can be found here.  This webpage includes free resources created for schools to download and use. 


British Orienteering's free activity resources and session plans can be downloaded here.

There are also a wide range of free promotional event materials on the World Orienteering website such as flyers, posters, certificates...and much more available here

Free downloadable resources

Please ensure that you register all your orienteering activities taking place from 19 - 25 May on the World Orienteering Day Map here.

Please feel free to share these resources with as many club members/ schools / organisations who might be keen on taking part in orienteering activitiesin these weeks.  

All activities will need to adhere strictly to the COVID-19 Government restrictions across the UK and where you live.