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Tweet Wednesday 22nd September 2021

#NationalFitnessDay : What is a Virtual (GPS) Orienteering Course?

A Virtual Orienteering Course is a set of checkpoints spread around a park or town, created for you to complete, and capture with your smartphone or GPS watch. Together with a map showing where they all are, with the right App your smartphone can magically become a brilliant orienteering device and be a map, a compass, and a timer all in one.

Rather than running the same route every day, challenge yourself to complete a Virtual Orienteering Course.

Virtual Orienteering Courses have no infrastructure on the ground – it's a time trial rather than a race so you can run any course, any time you want! The beauty of the challenge is deciding your own route and capturing control points.

Interested, but want to get a better idea of what is involved? – check out this video here.

Have an adventure and find towns and parks to explore with an accessible, flexible, and fun Permanent or Virtual Orienteering Course by using our handy course finder

Simply type in the postcode or the location of where you want to go in the top left hand box and press the search button to find available courses. 

You can narrow down your search by using the additional options available. For example, if you want wheelchair accessible routes simple just tick the box 'wheelchair accessible routes' before pressing the search button. This will find you the routes which are in the postcode area you have chosen. Additionally, you can select if you want the routes to be within parkland, forests, and countryside or in towns and cities within the postcode selected.

Find out more how to Download the App for Virtual (GPS) Orienteering Courses and how to get started here.

Find out more about Permanent and Virtual Orienteering Courses as well as more exciting orienteering opportunities by going to the new 'Go Orienteering' web portal:

Have fun and enjoy!


Don't forget to tell the URL link with your family and friends.

Why not invite a colleague along to join you for a competitive time trial run after work too.

British Orienteering would love to hear news of how you get on and seeing the photos of the routes you have tried.

Alternatively, post your photos direct to British Orienteering's Facebook or Twitter.

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