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Share  Tweet Wednesday 29th December 2021

Make or Break - what are your clubs New Year’s resolutions?

Make this one of them - In 2022 I would like to further develop my orienteering club!

The nine online sessions throughout the month of January will have something relevant to every club and help make improvements in the following four key areas: Changing Perspectives, Creating Engaging Experiences, Strengthening Lifelong Pathways, and Providing Foundations for Success.  

Make a date on one or more sessions – here are some ideas in Weeks 3 & 4 – ‘WOC 2024 Development Opportunities’ will be explored helping us with the issue of Changing Perspectives especially for young people. Strengthening Lifelong Pathways will be looked at through the lens of ‘Women’s sporting Journeys’ and our final session on ‘Safeguarding’ is important with Providing Foundations for Success. 

All sessions are FREE! 

To book onto or find out more about any of the Development Conference sessions click here