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New Year…… New Sport! Go Orienteering

Get into Orienteering!

It’s a new year… So why not try a new sport in 2022?

Orienteering is an exciting adventure sport suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Participants have to navigate their way between a series of checkpoints (called controls) shown on the map. There’s no set route, you find your own way using the map.

What are you waiting for?  Throughout 2022 you can take part in local orienteering activities or events. You can contact your local orienteering club who will be happy to welcome you. This is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. 

Permanent Orienteering Courses are also a great way to get outside and go orienteering with family and friends. A great way to keep in touch and chat whilst you explore outdoors at a time and place that suits you all. 

Find out more about the sport of orienteering by visiting


Photo credit:  Dartford Orienteering Klubb