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British Sprints Championships Weekend 2022 - entries close Sunday (29 May)

British Sprint Relay Championships – Saturday 11 June 2022

British Sprint Championships – Sunday 12 June 2022


If you haven't yet entered, then now is the time to do so! 

You will need to be quick as entries close at midnight on Sunday 29 May 2022

Entries are to be made via Fabian4.

The empty track awaits.  It will look much more colourful and busy with the start, finish, and handover infrastructure on Saturday 11 June.  The organising and planning are complete.  When you leave the excitement of the arena you will enjoy some fast and furious racing around the Headingley Campus of Leeds Beckett University.  There is a good mixture of old and new buildings, bits of parkland, paths, steps, grassy slopes – all that you would expect.  And the new Carnegie School of Sport building with the orange running track on the top – our base which is a must-see.

Of course, you should make a weekend of it by coming on Sunday as well.  Running in the British Sprints at Leeds University went down well with 2500 competitors at JK2016.  Come back – it is just as good, and you get two runs with the qualifiers and the finals.

Make sure that you are a part of it by entering as an individual and a team before entries close at midnight on Sunday 29 May. 

Please note:  If you cannot find people to make up a team for the relay, please see the information about Ad Hoc teams on the website here under Latest News.

More details about these events...

The British Sprint Relay Championships - Saturday 11 June, Leeds Beckett University.

The British Sprint Relay Championships event is to be held on the Headingley Campus at Leeds Beckett University and in Beckett Park.  Competitors will be able to use the facilities inside the Carnegie School of Sport building – toilets, café, and large amounts of indoor space.  Spectating space is available inside and outside for those who have run or are waiting to run, or want to take in the exciting high speed of this Sprint race event.

The terrain is ideal; with the added bonus of the staff at the University Sports Campus being delighted to support the event.  Buildings range from early Victorian to ultra-modern, interspersed with paved areas, parkland, and woodland.  The iconic Carnegie School of Sport building with its bright orange, high-level indoor running track, provides a superb venue for assembly.  The adjacent athletics track will be used as the arena for the start, finish, spectator control, and hand-over space.  Virtually car-free, fast and furious racing can be anticipated on all courses.

The original map was drawn by Chris Burden.  It has been updated by Quentin Harding and Paul Taylor.  It is drawn to ISSprOM 2019 Sprint specification with a scale of 1:4000 (elite), 1:3000 (other classes), and 2.5m contours.

Entries close at midnight on Sunday 29 May 2022. 
To enter this event, click here.


The following day...

The British Sprint Championships - Sunday 12 June, Leeds University.

Leeds University

The British Sprint Championships events will be held at the University of Leeds campus close to Leeds City Centre and hosted by Airienteers.  Competitors will be able to use the facilities inside the Students Union building – toilets, cafés, shops, and indoor space.  Spectating space is available on the concourse in front of the Union. 

The terrain comprises the parkland of Woodhouse Moor, and the densely packed University campus, which is in part on a hilly site.  Assembly is adjacent to the run-in for both Qualifiers and Final.  The longer courses for Seniors in the Qualifiers cross two roads with minor traffic on the Sunday.  Courses are planned to allow competitors ample opportunity to cross this road safely.  Otherwise, competitors may encounter the occasional slow-moving vehicle on the quiet roads of the campus, but it is a predominately pedestrian area. 

Richard Foster has updated the map with assistance from Tony Thornley.  It is drawn to ISSprOM 2019 sprint specifications with a scale of 1:4000 and 2.5m contours.  Competitors M/W14- and M/W60 + will have a 1:3000 map.

Entries close at midnight on Sunday 29 May 2022. 
To enter this event click here.

For more information visit the British Sprint Championships Weekend 2022 website here