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Interview with GB Elite Orienteering Athlete: RALPH STREET

Place of Residence:  Oslo, Norway

GB Ralph Street

ExperienceWhen did you start/How did you get into Orienteering?
“My parents took me orienteering, I started myself when I was 9 years old.”

Clubs:  What orienteering clubs have you been part of?
“In the UK, South London Orienteers and Sheffield University Orienteering Club.
Abroad, Södertälje-Nykvarn while I was in Sweden, and then Nydalen and now Bækkelaget once I was in Norway.”

“Eskil Gullord”

Training Routine:
“Snow permitting, I try and run twice a day and do orienteering twice a week.”

Race Routine/habits:
“I have a competition with Grace Molloy over who has the best number bib for each race."

Favourite terrain/venue/event in UK/World:
“I think Jukola in Finland is my favourite race in the world.”

Favourite Food:
“Anything my flatmate cooks for me.”

Other Hobbies:
“Going to work.”

“When I was growing up it would have been Yvette Baker, Heather Monro, Jamie Stevenson, Jon Duncan, but by the time I was really getting into following orienteering they had all retired from internationals. However, by this time I was quite heavily involved with Södertälje where we had many top runners who I could learn from and be inspired by.”

What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself?
“Work closer with your coaches.”


British Orienteering wishes you all the very best Ralph with your final preparations.



Ahead of the World Orienteering Championships 2022 in Denmark, British Orienteering is posting interviews of the GB athletes selected to compete so that all members can get to know the GB team. Please keep an eye out for these interviews which will be posted on the British Orienteering website this week, and follow all the action live here throughout the World Orienteering Championships which start with the Sprint Relay on Sunday 26 June!

Good Luck to the British Team

GB Ralph Street