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Interview with GB Elite Athlete: JONATHAN CRICKMORE

Place of Residence:  Sheffield  

GB Jonathan Crickmore Photo credit:  woasfoto

“Currently South Yorkshire Orienteers and OK Ravinen if I go to Jukola or Tiomila. I grew up as a member of Southdowns Orienteers and have also been in both Sheffield University Orienteering Club and Edinburgh University Orienteering Club.” 

“Myself with the help of books, the internet, and conversations with others.” 

Training Routine:   
“Ideally a lot, especially during Winter. Preference for training early in the morning, I currently try to do the main training of the day before starting work at 8/8:30 (working from home helps here) then I don't have so much to do later. Though I do enjoy some company on sessions, so I have to do these later.” 

Race Routine/habits: 
“Nothing unique, just whatever gets me to the start line on time, ready to race. I do enjoy a shakeout run a few hours before though especially as warmups in quarantine can sometimes be challenging.” Favourite terrain: 
“British housing estates. My orienteering was made for them. I really enjoyed the British Sprints at Skelmersdale in 2021. Otherwise, I'm a big fan of forest terrains that are runnable but also technical, for example the sandstone stuff in Czech.”  

Favourite food: 
“Brown rice, ideally with something spicy on top.” 

Other hobbies:   
“Pretty much any other sport or spectating sport. Anything competitive, relatively cheap, and outdoors then Laura and I are interested. I also enjoy cooking, not baking, as I am too lazy to follow recipes and like just winging it.” 

“Not really been one for idols. Just really enjoy seeing people pull out some epic performances, especially friends and teammates.” 

What advice would you give a younger version of yourself? 
“I think my orienteering career peaked when I was 10-16 years old so realistically the younger version of myself needs to give my 29-year-old self some tips.”  


British Orienteering wishes you all the very best with your final preparations.



Ahead of the World Orienteering Championships 2022 in Denmark, British Orienteering is posting interviews of the GB athletes selected to compete so that all members can get to know the GB team. Please keep an eye out for these interviews which will be posted on the British Orienteering website this week, and follow all the action live here throughout the World Orienteering Championships which start with the Sprint Relay on Sunday 26 June!

Good Luck to the British Team

GB Jonathan Crickmore