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Date Region Club Level Event Name Event Venue View Results
13 Jun 2021 SEOA SO National SO National Event / SE League - Oldhouse Warren, Crawley. ENTRY LIMIT provisionally 300 Oldhouse Warren & Cowdray Forest Results
13 Jun 2021 SWOA BOK Local BOK Local event Stoke Park and Pur Down Results
13 Jun 2021 SOA ESOC National ESOC National Event incorporating the Scottish Orienteering Championships Craig a' Barns Results
13 Jun 2021 NEOA CLOK National "Acorn" Hutton Mulgrave & Skelder Hutton Mulgrave and Skelder Results
12 Jun 2021 NEOA CLOK Local Sprint Race Aislaby Moor Aislaby Moor Results
12 Jun 2021 WMOA OD Local OD Summer Event - Hartshill Hays Country Park Hartshill Hays Country Park Results
12 Jun 2021 NIOA FERMO Regional NI Colour Series 1 Crossmurrin Results
9 Jun 2021 SWOA BOK Local BOK Urban Orienteering Series 5 Eastville & Stapleton Results
9 Jun 2021 NWOA LOC Local Summer Series 2 Stickle West Results
9 Jun 2021 SOA GRAMP Local GRAMP Summer Series - Bennachie North Back-o-Bennachie car park Results
6 Jun 2021 NWOA MDOC National Northern Championships (UKOL) High Dam Results
6 Jun 2021 EAOA SUFFOC Local Orwell Country Park Summer Series Orwell Country Park Results
5 Jun 2021 Major British Orienteering Middle Championships (UKOL) Summerhouse Knott Results
5 Jun 2021 SEOA HH Local HH Saturday Series Stanborough Stanborough Results
5 Jun 2021 SEOA SO Local SO - Windlesham House School Sprint event Windlesham House School Results
2 Jun 2021 NWOA SELOC Local SELOC Summer Series - Salford - Clifton Country Park Clifton Country Park Results
2 Jun 2021 NWOA LOC Local Summer Series 1 Newton Fell Results
2 Jun 2021 SOA GRAMP Local GRAMP Summer Series - Countesswells Countesswells Woods Results
2 Jun 2021 SOA ELO Local ELO Sprintelope - Dunbar North Dunbar Hallhill Results
31 May 2021 YHOA HALO Regional YHOA Urban League - Driffield Driffield Results
30 May 2021 WMOA HOC Regional SINS - Day 2 - restricted Midlands Championships Stapeley and Rorrington Results
30 May 2021 Regional Scottish Junior Cup - Round 1 Auchingarrich Results
30 May 2021 SEOA SAX National SAX SE League event Chilham & Challock Results
30 May 2021 YHOA EBOR Regional YHOA SuperLeague Raincliffe Woods Results
29 May 2021 SOA MA Regional Sprint Scotland 2021 Race 2 Bannockburn West Results