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Date Region Club Level Event Name Event Venue View Results
28 Nov 2021 YHOA EPOC Regional YHOA SuperLeague Honley Woods Results
28 Nov 2021 EMOA DVO Regional East Midlands League 2021 Hardwick Park Results
28 Nov 2021 SWOA BOK Regional BOK SW Regional League event Cannop Ponds Results
27 Nov 2021 SCOA SOC Local SOC Saturday 3 Fleming Park Results
27 Nov 2021 NIOA FERMO Regional NI Colour series 6 Seskinore Results
27 Nov 2021 SCOA TVOC Local TVOC Saturday Series Penn Wood Results
22 Nov 2021 SCOA BADO Local BADO Wessex Night League Event Alresford Results
21 Nov 2021 EAOA WAOC Regional Mildenhall South Mildenhall south Results
21 Nov 2021 SEOA SO Regional SO Regional Event - Gravetye Woods, between Turners Hill & West Hoathly (West of East Grinstead) Gravetye Woods Results
21 Nov 2021 SOA ESOC Regional Scottish Score Championships Dalkeith Country Park Results
21 Nov 2021 NEOA CLOK Regional NE Score Championships Dales Town Moor Results
21 Nov 2021 WMOA WCH Regional Chetwynd Wood WMOA League Results
21 Nov 2021 NWOA LOC Regional Galoppen Great Tower Results
20 Nov 2021 SEOA SO Regional SE Night Champs - Gravetye Woods, between Turners Hill & West Hoathly Gravetye Woods Results
20 Nov 2021 YHOA CLARO Regional YHOA Night League Pinewoods Results
20 Nov 2021 NWOA SELOC Local SELOC Night (NWNL) - Tandle Hill Tandle Hill Country Park Results
18 Nov 2021 SOA EUOC Local FWTN #4 Braids Results
17 Nov 2021 SOA MAROC Local MAROC Deeside Night Cup - Haughton & Murray Parks Haughton & Murray Parks, Alford Results
17 Nov 2021 NWOA LOC Local Urban Night Series 4 Dalton in Furness Results
14 Nov 2021 NWOA SROC Regional Tim Watkins Trophy Hutton Roof Results
14 Nov 2021 EMOA LEI Regional East Midlands League 2021 Boothorpe and Hanging Hill Results
14 Nov 2021 SWOA DEVON Regional South West Orienteering League Holne Moor Results
14 Nov 2021 EAOA SMOC Regional SMOC Priory Park EAL event Priory Park Results
14 Nov 2021 YHOA AIRE Regional Regional Event Esholt Results
14 Nov 2021 WMOA HOC Regional Malvern Hills WMOA League Malvern Results