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Date Region Club Level Event Name Event Venue View Results
14 Apr 2019 EAOA HAVOC Regional Thorndon North - EAL & SWELL Thorndon Country Park (North) Results
7 Apr 2019 EAOA SMOC Regional SMOC EAL event Salcey Forest Results
31 Mar 2019 EAOA SOS Regional SOS Hockley Wood SWELL Hockley Woods Results
24 Mar 2019 EAOA NOR National East Anglian Championships NT Sheringham Park Results
10 Mar 2019 EAOA WAOC Regional WAOC urban event Royston Results
24 Feb 2019 EAOA NOR Regional Holt Country Park & Holt Lowes CC Event Holt Country Park & Holt Lowes Results
17 Feb 2019 EAOA SOS Regional SOS Danbury Common Danbury Common Results
10 Feb 2019 EAOA SUFFOC Regional Knettishall Heath event Knettishall Heath Results
9 Feb 2019 EAOA CUOC Regional Icenian 2019 (incorporating English Universities Orienteering Cup) Wormley Wood Results
3 Feb 2019 EAOA WAOC National Bush Heath event Bush Heath Results
27 Jan 2019 EAOA NOR Regional Kelling Heath Regional CC Event Kelling Heath Holiday Park Results
6 Jan 2019 EAOA HAVOC Regional Bedfords Park Bedfords Park Results
9 Dec 2018 EAOA SOS Regional The Broaks, SOS Colour coded and ESSOL The Broaks Results
2 Dec 2018 EAOA NOR Regional NOR colour coded and EAL Sandringham Country Park Results
25 Nov 2018 EAOA WAOC Regional Rowney Warren event Rowney Warren Results
18 Nov 2018 EAOA HAVOC Regional HAVOC colour coded and EAL Epping SW Results
28 Oct 2018 EAOA WAOC Regional High Ash High Ash Results
14 Oct 2018 EAOA SOS Regional Chalkney, SOS Colour coded and ESSOL Chalkney Results
30 Sep 2018 EAOA HAVOC Regional HAVOC SWELL 2018/19 Thorndon Country Park South Results
23 Sep 2018 EAOA SUFFOC Regional SUFFOC colour coded Ickworth Park Results
12 Aug 2018 EAOA SMOC Regional Stowe Park Middle Distance Stowe Park Results
17 Jun 2018 EAOA SOS Regional Highwoods, SOS Colour coded and ESSOL Highwoods Results
20 May 2018 EAOA NOR Regional NOR event Ken Hill, Snettisham. Results
13 May 2018 EAOA SOS Regional Danbury Park YBT heat Danbury Park Results
12 May 2018 EAOA WAOC Regional WAOC Urban Sprint St Neots Results