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Twin Peak Day 1 Regional Event, 30/05/2009

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Blue 1 (length: 5.6km, climb: 225m, 17 controls)
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Michael NapierLOCM195300:50:081257
2Mikhail GryaznevichTVOCM195400:51:151251
3Paul JohnsonSYOM195100:53:291240
4Steve InglebyDEEM195300:56:191226
5John BrittonMDOCM195100:56:471224
6Steve WhiteheadEBORM195100:57:221221
7Martyn RoomeSROCM195200:58:031217
8David RosenSROCM195300:59:291210
9Andy McLeodESOCM195401:00:361205
10Stella LewsleyBLF195401:01:121201
11Alan HallidayMORM195401:03:271190
12Colin HicksSOCM195201:03:421189
13Vincent JoyceSOM195401:04:021187
14Christopher CalowDEEM195201:04:051187
15Chris VirgoDEVONM195001:05:101182
16David HargreavesSROCM195101:08:241166
17Dave ChapmanSNM195301:08:331165
18Alice FellbaumLOCF199301:09:371160
19Paul ArmstrongDVOM195301:09:441159
20John NashLOCM195001:09:571158
21Nick MartinCLOKM197001:11:391150
22Matthew CochraneSROCM195401:14:141137
23Stephen SearleNORM195101:16:511123
24Paul FergusonSROCM195101:21:241101
25Douglas HendersonRRM195101:26:171076
26Nicholas MaxwellDEVONM195301:29:401059
27Raymond StoneEPOCM195201:44:53984
28Kerry WillacySOLWAYF197301:47:39970
-Andy GouldingUDOCM198802:53:05
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