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INT Scottish O League 1, 06/03/2011

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Black (length: 8.95km, climb: 390m, 28 controls)
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Mark NixonFVOM198401:04:551345
2Duncan CoombsINTM198701:05:141344
3Alasdair McLeodFVOM199001:05:191344
4Douglas TullieRRM198801:05:381342
5Hector HainesAROSM198901:06:401338
6Jegor KostylevFVOM198201:08:511328
7Marcus PinkerFVOM197601:12:48
8Roger GoddardFVOM197401:18:341288
9Jonathan MusgraveMAROCM196201:18:581286
10Helen BridleESOCF197901:21:001278
11Will HensmanFVOM197901:21:241276
12Andrew DaleECKOM196801:23:221268
13Stewart CaithnessINTM198201:27:281251
14Graeme AcklandINTM196201:27:291251
15Andrew DalgleishINTM198201:28:051248
16Eddie HarwoodMORM195201:33:081227
17Ross McLennanFVOM197801:34:131222
18Steven ClellandSLOWM198201:42:541186
19Alistair HindleESOCM197201:52:211146
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