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Twin Peak Day 2 , 27/10/2013

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Badge 1 (M21E) (length: 8.1km, climb: 125m, 28 controls)
Point calculations
1,172.98 + (101.15 x (3,820.92 - T)) / 716.71
Other courses: Badge 2 (W21E) | Badge 3 (M21L) | Badge 4 (M35L,M40L,M20E,M18E) | Badge 5 (W21L,M21S) | Badge 6 (M35S,W35L,W20E,M40S,W40L,W18E) | Badge 7 (W21S,W20L)

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Leon FosterAIREM198300:46:451316
2James WalshMDOCM198800:50:431283
3Joe TauntonSYOM198700:53:221260
4Tom FellbaumMDOCM199200:54:111253
5Robert FarringtonSYOM198800:57:341225
6Kin Kwan KwokPCOCM199500:59:26
7Richard FosterAIREM198201:00:071203
8Paul TurnerSELOCM195801:01:571188
9Dan RileyMDOCM197401:03:101177
10Barnaby WarrenNNM199601:03:371174
11Stuart FraserEBORM199001:07:451139
12Rob NormantonM199201:09:40
13Paul WatsonMDOCM197401:19:101042
14Stuart GallSOLWAYM197801:23:071008
15Kwok Sang LauM199201:24:23
16David PalWREM196601:26:24981
-Doug StimsonNWOM198201:04:12
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