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INT CompassPoint Scottish O League 1, 03/03/2013

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Black (length: 11.3km, climb: 315m, 37 controls)
Point calculations
1,303.42 + (68.90 x (4,793.00 - T)) / 1,021.89
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Murray StrainINTM198301:03:321370
2Jegor KostylevFVOM198201:04:481364
3Oleg ChepelinINTM198601:05:401361
4Hector HainesAROSM198901:06:451357
5Mark NixonFVOM198401:07:211354
6James TullieBASOCM198601:09:471344
7Ewan McCarthyBASOCM198201:12:301333
8Ruairi ShortM199201:18:17
9Robert KellyAIREM199201:24:241285
10Joonas SalminenGRAMPM199201:31:361256
11Andrew DaleECKOM196801:31:591254
12Samuel HorsewillNOCM199301:41:011218
13Tyler MorrisonESOCM199101:59:131144
-Graeme AcklandINTM196201:38:03
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