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British Night Championships (UKOL), 28/02/2015

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UKOL 1 (M21) (length: 12.6km, climb: 320m, 31 controls)
Point calculations
1,301.75 + (78.03 x (5,741.00 - T)) / 1,143.79
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Graham GristwoodFVOM198401:07:271417
2Kristian JonesFVOM199101:11:521399
3Jonathan CrickmoreSYOM199301:19:451367
4Andrew LindsayAROSM199401:23:021354
5Tom FellbaumMDOCM199201:27:131336
6Joe TauntonSYOM198701:34:351306
7Josh BeechEBORM198901:37:431293
8Leon FosterAIREM198301:39:411285
9Scott CollierKERNOM198601:41:161279
10Richard FosterAIREM198201:46:521256
11Dave MurgatroydAIREM198902:03:491187
12Rob MoodyPOTOCM199002:14:571141
-Simon BradburyLEIM199401:29:03
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