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Roxburgh Reivers Urban Event - Incorporating SOUL4, 01/09/2013

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Point calculations
1,144.63 + (117.58 x (2,828.47 - T)) / 434.11
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Ben HartmanINTM196900:38:151289
2Paul CabanINTM196400:38:211287
3Ian MaxwellRRM196000:41:161240
4Alastair DunlopCLYDEM197300:43:021211
5Max CarcasINTM196800:43:051211
6Barry VeitchRRM197100:43:531198
7Heather ThomsonESOCF197400:43:561197
8Keith BrownESOCM196200:46:061162
9Kenneth DalyINTM196200:46:411152
10David SloanTAYM197200:47:001147
11Andy PatersonCLYDEM196700:47:021146
12Karen MaxwellRRF199500:51:301074
13Rona LindsayESOCF199400:51:351072
14Keith MurrayRRM196300:57:38974
15Amjad KhursheedRRM195900:57:45972
16Alan BothwellTAYM195900:59:56937
17Sarah McAdamESOCF198401:00:25929
18James PurvesRRM195701:05:29847
19Kevin StevensonGALA HARRIERS01:15:39
20Julie FinlaysonIND02:01:43
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