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DEE Sprint Weekend - Forest Sprint (UKOL), 10/10/2015

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UKOL Course 1 (M18,M20,M21,M35) (length: 2.8km, climb: 65m, 17 controls)
Point calculations
1,245.87 + (97.01 x (1,212.95 - T)) / 233.79
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Chris SmithardFVOM198900:15:261365
2Tom FellbaumMDOCM199200:15:261365
3Matthew VokesDRONGOM199200:15:351361
4Matthew FellbaumMDOCM199800:16:011350
5Philip VokesODM199600:16:241341
6Dave SchorahNOCM198800:17:001326
7James LyneSNM198800:17:101322
8Adam PotterBOKM199500:18:271290
9Phillip WinskillWCOCM197600:19:061274
10Alasdair PedleyAROSM199900:19:371261
11Leon FosterAIREM198300:20:051249
12Rob MoodyPOTOCM199000:20:491231
13Tony BurtonMVM196400:21:001226
14Laurence JohnsonSROCM199800:21:101222
15Dave MurgatroydAIREM198900:21:151220
16Dai WilsonRAFOM197800:22:531179
17Duncan BirtwistleODM199200:24:341138
18Paul ChallenderDEEM198000:24:54
19Edward BarnardDEEM197900:26:341088
20Yordan KolevSLOWM198700:26:401085
21Mark ThomsonBOFM196500:26:411085
22Eric HeritageLEIM195900:27:001077
23Luigi LeroseESOCM197700:28:461033
24Samuel LoINDM199500:30:45
25Bradley DickersonAIREM198900:31:45959
26Adam MackridgeDEEM197900:38:05801
-Kin Kwan KwokODM199500:19:30
-Jonathan CronkWAOCM199200:24:17
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