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ESOC 50th Anniversary Weekend - Sprint-O incorporating bto SOUL 1 - Prologue, 31/01/2015

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Course 3 (length: 2km, climb: 32m, 15 controls)
Point calculations
932.17 + (141.08 x (1,504.97 - T)) / 308.04
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Phil SmithardKFOM194700:16:571156
2Robin SloanRRM194700:17:531130
3Roger ScruttonESOCM194700:19:011099
4Amelia PetrieCLYDEF195600:19:141093
5Pat SquireNOCM194700:19:291086
6Maggie ScrughamLOCF195800:19:421080
7Lindsey KnoxRRF195900:20:071069
8Ian PyrahESOCM194400:20:101067
9Alastair LessellsESOCM194700:20:271059
10Robert PhilpKFOM194500:21:241033
11Mary WilliamsESOCF195100:21:441024
12Heather SmithardKFOF194900:22:40999
13Bill StevensonESOCM194900:22:43997
14Tim SowoodINVOCM194400:22:57991
15Val FinchFVOF195100:24:42943
16Robert FindlayESOCM194800:24:53938
17Oonagh GrassieGRAMPF195500:24:54937
18Eleanor PyrahESOCF194400:25:16927
19Diana McClureSBOCF195000:25:34919
20Trina RogersonELOF195100:25:44914
21Nicola GardnerFVOF195500:26:14901
22Liz OrrCLYDEF196000:26:18899
23Fiona FindlayESOCF194900:26:22897
24Jan ClenaghanSOLWAYF195000:26:36890
25Jim ClarkESOCM193600:29:05822
26rhona fraserESOCF195400:29:07821
27Catherine RooneyRRF196000:30:34781
28Sally RolloSOLWAYF195200:30:44777
29Fiona JohnstonRRF196000:30:51774
30Maureen BrownESOCF194700:32:05740
31Janet ClarkESOCF194100:32:10738
32Adrienne SowoodINVOCF194400:33:01714
33Benedict BateESOCM194700:35:35644
34Ursula OxburghWAOCF193400:38:43558
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