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Tinto Twin - Day, 26/10/2014

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Course 1 Brown (length: 6.225km, climb: 95m, 16 controls)
Point calculations
1,241.90 + (67.07 x (4,143.87 - T)) / 910.91
Other courses: Course 2 Blue | Course 3 Lt Blue | Course 4 Green | Course 5 Lt Green | Course 6 Yellow

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Matthew GallowayINTM199700:52:351315
2Arnis SaltumsSTAGM198500:52:421314
3David RobertsonCLYDEM196400:56:011300
4Andrew LindsayAROSM199400:57:221294
5Gordon HaleSTAGM198700:58:591286
6Thomas WilsonCLYDEM199700:59:471283
7Fraser PurvesFVOM197001:01:421274
8Ian CumpsteyJOKM197701:02:051273
9Alastair MackenzieCLOKM195801:05:001260
10Trevor HoeyFVOM196401:11:101233
11Mirjam AllikCLYDEF198101:11:301231
12Jack PooleSLOWM199701:20:261192
13Terry JohnstoneESOCM196601:32:231139
14Alex KempCLYDEM197601:32:251139
15Ian MurgatroydSOLWAYM196201:41:511097
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