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MAROC Shooting Greens, 23/11/2014

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Green (length: 4.2km, climb: 155m, 11 controls)
Point calculations
1,011.76 + (97.75 x (4,727.27 - T)) / 751.13
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Matthew GoochEUOCM200200:54:26
2Lachlan KirkGRAMPM199900:59:39
3Dave ArmitageGRAMPM195101:00:131157
4Alistair ChapmanMAROCM200101:02:09
5Martin PritchettMAROCM196601:03:221132
6Rosie GetliffMAROCF199801:08:381091
7Karen MaxwellRRF199501:10:561073
8Naomi LangGRAMPF200001:10:56
9Megan RickettsMAROCF199901:13:11
10Denise WrightMAROCF196501:16:111032
11Steph ProvanMAROCM000001:18:17
12Frances GetliffMAROCF196301:19:361005
13John GetliffM200101:20:19
14Phil CampbellGRAMPM198401:21:40989
15David EssonGRAMPM197901:22:17984
16Robbie IasonMAROCM199801:24:50965
17Lynne SkinnerMAROCF196301:24:50965
18Katie SkinnerMAROCF199901:28:04
19Alexander CampbellMAROCM196001:29:00932
20Margaret McMillanMAROCF196401:34:11892
21John LileyGOM195701:37:05869
22Ailsa AndersonGRAMPF200101:40:57
23Shona SpencerMORF196401:44:46809
24Jonathan LentonMAROCM195701:59:10696
25Colin DonaldMAROCM000002:00:25
26Margit MatthewsMAROCF196702:20:44528
-Marianne LangGRAMPF196701:13:25
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