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(SO) Sussex Sprint series 1 & 2 (Sprint-o & Maze-o), Preston Park, Brighton, 22/06/2014

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Yellow (length: 1.4km, 11 controls)
Other courses: Sprint | Orange

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Scarlet HeapSOF200300:14:14
2Lori Easteal& Co000000:15:14
3Tess Thorley & Boys000000:15:15
4Anne Baker & Co000000:15:25
5Eliot JonesM199800:16:47
6Cameron PatterdenSO000000:17:40
7Eadie Yelling000000:17:49
8Ella BoyleSOF200600:18:37
9Henry BoyleSOM200700:18:44
10Wilburn Family000000:18:58
11Persephone BoyleSOF200900:19:38
12Aron Gazdag000000:19:43
13Ben Vipasn000000:19:45
14Sen Vipan000000:19:48
15Yelling Family000000:22:26
16Tommy HeapSOM200500:23:14
17Karen JonesSOF196700:24:36
18Kisty Garoghan & Family000000:26:43
19Arlen Gazdag000000:27:09
20Cosmo Culley000000:43:33
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