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Caddihoe Chase Day 1 (UKOL), 01/10/2016

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UKOL Black (M21) (length: 9.875km, climb: 240m, 31 controls)
Other courses: UKOL Brown (M35, M40) | UKOL Short Brown (M18, M20, M21S, M45, M50, W21) | UKOL Blue (M16, M35S, M40S, M55, M60, W18, W20, W35, W40) | UKOL Short Blue (M18S, M20S, M45S, M50S, M65, W21S, W45, W50,SBl) | UKOL Green (M55S, M70, W16, W35S, W40S, W55, W60,G) | UKOL Short Green (M60S, M65S, M75, M80, M85, W18S, W20S, W45S, W65, W70) | UKOL Very Short Green (M70S, M75S, M80S, W50S, W55S, W60S, W65S, W70S, W75, W80, W85, M85S) | UKOL Light Green (M14, M16B, W14, W16B) | UKOL Orange (M12, M14B, W12, W14B, Orange) | UKOL Yellow (M10, M12B, W10, W12B, Yellow) | UKOL White (M10B, W10B, White)

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1 William Gardner OD M 1993 00:59:51
2 Ben Windsor DRONGO M 1990 01:05:06
3 Scott Collier KERNO M 1986 01:23:24
4 Chris Turner WIM M 1963 01:37:43
5 Mark Saunders BKO M 1978 01:39:40
6 Alexander Lines SO M 1995 01:46:58
7 Adam Walker SARUM M 1995 01:51:21
8 Yordan Kolev SLOW M 1987 02:11:01
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