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SOS Colour Coded & ESSOL, 29/11/2015

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Blue (length: 7.2km, climb: 45m, 22 controls)
Point calculations
1,096.90 + (97.64 x (4,681.25 - T)) / 955.57
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Ian HargreavesSOSM197600:51:281260
2Paul PruzinaLVOM199700:55:081237
3John OckendenDRONGOM199400:57:071225
4Darren CookDVOM197101:00:141206
5Richard WilkesHAVOCM198201:02:031195
6Duncan HarrisonSOSM197101:02:211193
7Matthew ClarkeSUFFOCM200101:06:24
8Andrew ElliottSUFFOCM197101:09:131151
9Edwin BanksSOSM195201:13:101127
10Stephen BorrillWAOCM197101:14:381118
11Lisa JamesSOCF196801:14:491117
12Nicholas PughSOSM195101:15:551110
13Tony MaycraftCHIGM195801:16:131108
14Stu LeveneHHM196901:16:311106
15David ChandlerODM199001:18:031097
16Dawn FiggPFOF196901:21:561073
17Adam LeafHHM196201:23:181065
18Clive TantECKOM195501:26:411044
19Thomas LockRamsey / 11M199901:26:54
20Paul VallackINDM197001:26:56
21Daniel FiggHHM199801:35:45988
22Jason DunningWAOCM197501:37:11979
23Geoff GoodwinDFOKM195101:37:27978
24Bruce MarshallWAOCM195201:43:53938
25Thomas ElgoodCHIGM196401:47:27916
26Helen BickleWAOCF198201:55:09869
-Michael BickleWAOCM194801:11:00
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