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WOLF - Uath Lochans, SOL5, 11/09/2016

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Black (length: 11.625km, climb: 270m, 27 controls)
Point calculations
1,355.57 + (34.04 x (5,820.35 - T)) / 1,058.76
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Alasdair McLeodFVOM199001:11:581404
2Mark NixonFVOM198401:15:241397
3Alexander ChepelinINTM199701:19:501389
4Conor ShortSLOWM199201:24:081380
5Jamie StevensonFVOM199201:29:181370
6William RiggINTM199601:29:481369
7David GodfreeFVOM197401:32:371364
8Tim MorganINTM199701:33:361362
9Chris SmithardFVOM198901:34:141361
10Alistair MassonINTM199701:35:091359
11Michael AdamsLOCM199601:35:321358
12Thomas WilsonCLYDEM199701:36:531356
13Lewis TaylorFVOM199201:40:571348
14Colm HillDFOM199501:41:07
15Peter GardnerINTM198501:43:161343
16Colm MoranEUOCM199501:43:46
17Alistair WalkerMAROCM199701:53:131324
18Andrew LindsayAROSM199402:08:341295
19Simon GardnerCLYDEM198802:24:391264
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