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Crewe Urban Race, 25/01/2015

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1 (length: 6.675km, 48 controls)
Point calculations
1,179.15 + (84.16 x (2,995.07 - T)) / 372.84
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Chris SmithardFVOM198900:38:091339
2Leon FosterAIREM198300:40:401304
3Luigi LeroseM198000:45:36
4Matt DriverSELOCM198500:45:531234
5Liam HarringtonLOGM198800:46:141229
6Andrew WardDEEM199000:46:421223
7Kin Kwan KwokODM199500:47:581206
8Andrew McNallyWCHM197600:47:591205
9Robert NormantonDEEM199000:48:531193
10Tom O'BoyleWCHM198900:51:391156
11Wayne ByrneRAFOM198000:54:501113
12Rob MoodyPOTOCM199000:55:231105
13Lee ScottSYOM196600:56:081095
14Thomas LewisWREM198500:59:051055
15Mark ThomsonBOFM196500:59:181052
16David PalWREM196601:11:49883
17Gwilym JamesSMOCM199201:16:22821
18Peter GrahamM198001:32:44
-Tony CallowWREM196600:59:08
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