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ESOC Sprint-O incorporating bto SOUL 2 & Scottish Sprint Championships - Chase, 07/02/2016

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Men Open (length: 3.525km, 18 controls)
Other courses: Women Open | MW12- | MW16- | MW40+ | MW55+

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Jonathan CrickmoreSYOM199300:15:58
2Chris SmithardFVOM198900:16:27
3Alexander ChepelinINTM199700:16:48
4daniel stansfieldEUOCM199700:17:21
5Will HensmanFVOM197900:17:31
6Andrew BarrMORM199700:17:35
7Thomas WilsonCLYDEM199700:17:43
8Andrew LindsayAROSM199400:17:53
9Conor ShortSLOWM199200:18:04
10Simon GardnerCLYDEM198800:18:09
11Peter GardnerINTM198500:18:53
12Iain HardingINVOCM198700:19:04
13Chad HarrisonM198100:19:05
14Janne HeikkinenM199500:19:26
15Angel IlievM199500:19:42
16Andrew DalgleishINTM198200:19:46
17Craig NolanESOCM199500:20:41
18Arnis SaltumsSTAGM198500:21:15
19Jonathan EllisELOM197900:21:36
20Dominykas KardokasGRAMPM198300:21:41
21Faisal KhursheedM199900:21:43
22Dave MurgatroydAIREM198900:22:05
23Clément ClaretOUOCM199000:22:14
24Mick FarrellM198100:24:24
25Patrick HegerRRM199900:24:29
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