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DEE Urban race Frodsham UKUL, 20/08/2017

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1 MO (length: 8.3km, climb: 150m, 28 controls)
Point calculations
1,199.81 + (64.75 x (3,832.85 - T)) / 582.33
Other courses: 2 MV, WO | 3 MSV WV | 4 MUV,WSV | 5 MHV,WUV,WHV | 6 MJ, WJ | 7 MYJ, WYJ

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Mark BurleyMDOCM198700:50:391288
2Leon FosterAIREM198300:51:201284
3Thomas CochraneNGOCM198600:54:071265
4Lawrence EcclesM199600:54:20
5James ErringtonHHM199700:56:041252
6Daniel WeaverDEEM200000:59:201230
7David DunnPOTOCM197801:01:161217
8Simon ErringtonHHM196301:02:401208
9Rob MoodyPOTOCM199001:03:391201
10Kevin FrancisCLAROM198201:08:001172
11River Edis-SmithSYOM199901:08:381168
12Thomas LewisWREM198501:12:581139
13Andis OzolsDVOM198001:19:061098
14Callum CrockerDEEM199101:22:401074
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