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The Dales Town and Country Weekend / YHOA Urban League, 02/06/2018

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Short Green (length: 3.2km, climb: 60m, 15 controls)
Point calculations
783.10 + (156.65 x (3,713.14 - T)) / 692.46
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Carey MartinAIREF195900:40:541068
2Susan StevensAIREF195300:43:421030
3Kate InglebyDEEF195300:47:13982
4Helen GardnerEBORF195000:47:34977
5Jillyan DobbyMDOCF195100:47:37977
6Enrada CepeleESOCF198800:49:01958
7Brent HillAIREM195800:49:47947
8Guy GoodairEPOCM193600:55:30870
9Liz DaviesAIREW195300:55:43
10Gillian RossEPOCF194800:55:49865
11Susanne LevinsonEPOCF195400:57:32842
12Jean PayneDEEF195300:57:35841
13Jane PayneEPOCF195200:57:45839
14Adam CollingeBAILOM197300:58:16
15Mary CarrickHALOF194901:00:12806
16Richard MossBLM194201:00:17805
17Judith GoodairEPOCF194101:00:21804
18Jackie BarnesCLAROF194601:02:35774
19Jackie PageEPOCF195001:02:43772
20David WalkerMDOCM194101:05:05740
21Rebecca LloydEPOCF196401:06:54715
22Jackie CoatesAIREF195201:07:24708
23Shirley MossBLF194301:08:02700
24Catherine OdellEBORF193901:08:37692
25Pauline WilsonSYOF195201:10:17669
26Monika CooperSYOF194501:13:01632
27Elizabeth UrquhartODF195401:13:42623
28Graham UrquhartODM195401:16:07590
29Mike HardyWCOCM193701:17:04577
30Alison DoyleMDOCF194901:22:13507
31Philip Arthur SeniorLOCM195301:23:53485
32Helen CoxAIREF195201:25:47459
-Neil StevensAIREM194800:24:11
-Inara GipsleTVOCF195200:45:09
-Jean LochheadSELOCF194600:57:47
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