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GO Level C event, 13/11/2016

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SN Handicap (length: 4.3km, climb: 110m, 17 controls)
Point calculations
1,070.60 + (92.71 x (3,072.84 - T)) / 732.28
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Martha PatonSNF199100:36:161184
2Dave RyderSNM196100:36:361182
3Peter JonesSNM195600:37:551172
4Thomas HowellSNM200100:38:45
5Sue BettSNF196700:43:311129
6Iain BellSNM196500:43:501127
7Paul MartinSNM196700:44:271122
8Megan BettSNF199800:44:451120
9Alan WallisSNM195600:45:301114
10Jonah RoseSNM200000:46:001110
11Stephen McKinleySNM196400:46:191108
12Cameron LamondSNM197000:47:451097
13Murray WeirSNM200200:49:31
14Debra RobinsonSNF196600:51:031072
15Jessica PatonSNF198900:51:331068
16Mike BraySNM195500:55:491036
17Lucy PatonSNF196100:56:061033
18Stephen PeacockSNM195100:56:141032
19John TzanetisDFOKM196700:58:221016
20Dawn WilliamsonDEVONF195901:01:01996
21Adam RoseERYRIM196801:02:52982
22Jenny BraySNF195501:05:56959
23Linda CairnsSYOF195801:30:06775
-Oliver SmithSNM200200:40:06
-Stephen WeirSNM196300:55:37
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