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British Middle Distance Championships (UKOL), 15/09/2019

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Course 14 (length: 1.8km, climb: 25m, 11 controls)
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Robbie LightfootSYOM200800:09:55
2Lyra MedlockWSXF200700:10:22
3Ben PerryDEVONM200700:10:35
4Anna ToddSYOF200800:10:59
5Rebecca HammondFVOF200800:10:59
6Grace FrenchWIMF200700:11:44
7Oscar BarnbyWCHM200700:12:13
8James BryantSYOM200700:12:16
9Johnathan BendreyDEEM200700:12:18
10Yokub Hampshire WrightNNF200700:13:16
11John DoyleSYOM200700:13:16
12Ross DryhurstDVO000000:13:23
13Joshua BendreyDEEM200800:14:12
14Charlotte SladeSNF200800:14:16
15Isabelle GroomSYOF200700:14:21
16Aidan HiltonSNM200800:14:33
17Vadim PesentiDFOKM200800:14:40
18Phil ConwayGOM196300:15:28
19Rebecca MayesCLOKF200800:16:28
20Seth LawsonNGOCM200800:16:44
21Megan BrownESOCF200800:17:16
22Ellen SimpsonLEIF200800:17:25
23Keiko ConwayGOF196200:18:27
24Alice SoulsbyHHF200800:19:08
25Joseph MorrisBOKM200800:19:29
26Joseph GuySYOM200800:20:11
27Luke Mills-HicksGOM200700:20:22
28Lesley WoodIND000000:20:53
29Fiona HendrieFVOF196000:22:08
30Judith WilesIND000000:23:45
31Pui Ling LiHKIOF000000:23:51
32George RennieWCOCM200800:24:41
33Ariane EdwardsMDOCF200700:26:36
34Margaux HodgsonSYOF200800:30:52
35Richard AskhamSMOCM200700:35:19
36Amelie PattesonSOSF200700:44:28
-Freya TrynerSYOF200700:09:59
-Daniel GloverLEIM200800:13:12
-Sophie CrawfordWCOCF200800:13:40
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