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HAVOC SWELL & ESSOL event, 29/04/2018

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Yellow (length: 2.2km, climb: 75m, 13 controls)
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Amelie PattesonSOSF200700:34:10
2Janie HortonSOS / BrentwoodW200400:37:34
3Matthew TrevelyanSOS / BrentwoodM200600:41:21
4Hebe DarwinWAOCF200700:44:45
5Luke BennettDFOKM200800:46:12
6Alex DarwinWAOCM201000:46:54
7Jemima BorrillWAOCF200500:48:03
8Adnan YaqubSOS / BrentwoodM200600:53:35
9Evie JarmanSOS / BrentwoodW200600:59:18
10Pranita Arun PrasadhSOS / BrentwoodW200401:02:04
11Thomas WalkerSOSM200601:05:15
12Sebastian GurteenBarnardistonM200601:10:04
13Vadim PesentiDFOKM200801:14:34
-Abigail PrinceSOS / St AndrewsW200800:44:01
-Luisa Chaplin + MoiraHHW200800:47:17
-Salman YaqubSOS / BrentwoodM200600:56:45
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