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Maroc Level C - Glen o Dee, 08/01/2017

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Green (length: 4.6km, climb: 165m, 15 controls)
Point calculations
996.34 + (121.80 x (3,947.42 - T)) / 896.10
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Martin PritchettMAROCM196600:49:351129
2Kirsty CampbellMAROCF200100:49:491127
3Morag McLuckieMORF197200:52:291105
4Claire GallagherGRAMPF197800:54:051092
5Bill CaffynGRAMPM195800:54:301088
6Donald BarrieMAROCM196600:54:431087
7Lynn CollinsMAROCF197000:54:531085
8Peter McLuckieMORM197000:55:261081
9Donald GrassieMORM195600:56:551069
10Frances GetliffMAROCF196300:57:051067
11Alan BennettMAROCM196600:59:531045
12Helen RowlandsGRAMPF196601:00:291040
13Carolyn DudleyMAROCF196201:01:001035
14Margaret McMillanMAROCF196401:02:031027
15Graham SalwayMAROCM200201:02:37
16Adrian WillGRAMPM197401:03:011019
17John LileyGOM195701:03:491012
18Peter CraigMAROCM194501:04:351006
19Claire TunaleyMAROCF199101:08:07977
20Aileen SalwayMAROCF197001:09:47964
21Susan BarrieMAROCF196601:12:30942
22Eddy ComanGRAMPM196601:13:24934
23Joel GoochMAROCM200401:15:09
24Margit MatthewsMAROCF196701:17:15903
25Tom Johnson MAROCM198701:28:12814
26David BryantMAROCM196201:43:12691
27George EssonGRAMPM194801:45:40671
-Christopher MilliganMAROCM200201:47:46
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