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SN Trophy SE League Event, 17/11/2019

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Brown (length: 11.4km, climb: 470m, 30 controls)
Point calculations
1,273.77 + (53.56 x (4,904.74 - T)) / 467.67
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Jonathan CrickmoreSYOM199300:59:531424
2Paul CouldridgeSLOWM197401:13:431329
3Tom DaviesSLOWM197801:13:571327
4Edward CatmurSLOWM198201:16:141312
5Laurence BallNORM198601:16:331309
6Michael KrajewskiBAOCM198201:17:111305
7Scott CollierKERNOM198601:18:351296
8Eoghan WilesSOCM199601:18:471294
9Matthias MahrSLOWM197601:19:471287
10Sarah RollinsSNF197601:20:131284
11Richard CollyerGOM197401:20:311282
12Nicholas JarvisSOM199601:21:431274
13Nicholas CooperSNM197501:21:481273
14Tim ScarbroughMVM198401:22:371268
15Jan TravnicekTVOCM197501:23:121264
16Yordan KolevSLOWM198701:24:051258
17Anne EdwardsLOCF198901:25:551245
18Abi WeedsSLOWF197701:26:121243
19Peter DaplynSNM198001:26:291241
20Donatas TumaitisCHIGM198401:28:221228
21Ben GreenTVOCM197701:30:391213
22Adrian ButterSNM197501:32:021203
23Antoine PesentiDFOKM197001:32:181201
24Ben LonsdaleRAFOM198201:41:251139
25Robert SmartBKOM197301:59:221015
26Kenneth BridgerIND02:14:22
27Ian Nunn02:59:42
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