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British Night Orienteering Championships (UKOL), 22/02/2020

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UKOL 7 (M75,W65,W70) (length: 3.9km, climb: 110m, 11 controls)
Point calculations
956.89 + (83.86 x (3,730.28 - T)) / 818.48
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Janice NisbetESOCF195300:44:521063
2Christine KiddierBLF195200:46:171055
3Ian PyrahESOCM194400:49:121037
4Inara GipsleTVOCF195200:52:011019
5Peter CareyODM194400:53:341010
6Lesley WardSYOF196900:54:541002
7Miriam RosenSROCF194900:56:20993
8Sheila CareyODF194600:56:49990
9Julie K AstinWSXF195300:58:03982
10Janet RosenHHF195500:59:24974
11Geoff WrightGOM194501:04:58940
12Gillian HansonSMOCF196701:05:07939
13Annika GreenwoodSOCF197101:05:27937
14Jill ManningSWOCF194901:05:29937
15john parfittBOKM194301:06:06933
16Ian PeirceSARUMM194401:07:19925
17Anthony BarrableRAFOM194401:08:21919
18Jeffrey BakerLOGM195101:10:21907
19Janette McHendryWCOCF196901:15:24876
20Trish CarmichaelTINTOF194801:46:29684
21Brian YatesESOCM194401:46:52682
-Eric HarperBKOM195101:18:07
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