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(WMOA League #5) OD Event - Bentley Wood , 13/05/2018

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1:Brown (length: 9km, climb: 250m, 26 controls)
Point calculations
1,206.92 + (85.06 x (5,219.74 - T)) / 1,162.20
Other courses: 2:Blue | 3:Green | 4:Sh.Green | 5:Lt.Green | 6:Orange | 7:Yellow | 8:White

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Richard RobinsonNOCM198100:52:081360
2Alistair LandelsODM196801:02:461313
3Duncan BirtwistleODM199201:03:301310
4Andy SimpsonLEIM197301:03:571308
5Mike BarnbyWCHM197801:09:451283
6Richard ParkinDVOM196801:10:291279
7Alistair PowellODM197801:10:371279
8Nicholas JarvisSOM199601:11:271275
9Graham PigottPOTOCM198101:13:571264
10Richard DeardenNOCM196901:16:141254
11Jason HowellHOCM196901:18:181245
12Martin PigottPOTOCM197501:18:331244
13Alexander MitchellHOCM200201:19:181241
14Jan TravnicekTVOCM197501:19:321240
15James BennettWCHM198601:21:381230
16Benjamin RauffetHOCM198701:21:391230
17Sam LeadleyODM200001:25:291214
18David LeadleyODM196401:29:451195
19Edward de Salis YoungLEIM196901:30:051193
20David AldridgeHOCM197801:31:011189
21Dan Findlay-RobinsonWCHM198101:32:241183
22Aleksandrs IvanovsODM198001:35:271170
23Andy HemstedHOCM194901:36:191166
24James RossCOMA01:38:41
25Mike SnellERYRIM195601:41:301143
26Sara CampbellDEEF196501:42:111140
27Richard LeakeLEIM196601:42:271139
28Andrew StuartFVOM198301:43:371134
29David ChandlerODM199001:51:351099
30Andrew ElliottSUFFOCM197101:56:421076
31Mark RookledgeODM196602:00:071061
32James MontgomeryIND02:14:22
33Marian WhiteWREF196002:24:25955
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