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NN Local event (was October Odyssey day 2), 04/10/2020

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Brown (length: 8.6km, climb: 185m, 14 controls)
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
-Quentin HardingCLAROM196201:01:38
-Dan ParkerBLM196201:10:50
-Karen ParkerBLF196301:11:01
-Maya Hampshire WrightNNF200401:18:18
-Andrew StimsonNNM198101:20:32
-Matthew FoskettNNM199701:22:48
-Dominic GreenCLOKM200301:25:09
-Doug StimsonNWOM198201:28:05
-Nigel WrightNNM197101:28:49
-George HareNATOM196401:29:04
-Alastair MackenzieCLOKM195801:38:01
-Clare BakerNNF198001:38:20
-Nigel WrightNNM197101:53:22
-Ross Marshall-IvensNNM197701:55:35
-Dougie NisbetNNM196302:00:20
-Michael ThompsonNNM197102:27:45
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