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INVOC bto SOUL9, 29/09/2019

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4 WSV/MUV (length: 5km, climb: 30m, 20 controls)
Point calculations
1,007.90 + (90.04 x (2,197.78 - T)) / 466.66
Other courses: 1 MO | 2 WO/MV | 3 WV/MSV | 5 WUV/WHV/MHV | 6 WJ/MJ | 7 WYJ/MYJ

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Karen MaxwellRRF199500:28:251103
2Eileen MaxwellRRF196300:28:251103
3Robin SloanRRM194700:31:241068
4Robin StrainELOM195000:31:381066
5Penelope SmirthwaiteMORF196000:32:591050
6Colin MathesonFVOM195400:34:171035
7Paul FurnessMORM195400:34:531028
8Ruairidh RossINDM197900:36:02
9Samuel Veen de WalleINDM198400:42:22
10Ian McCubbinTAYM195400:43:59923
11Brian SmithINDM197900:44:48
12Elizabeth FurnessMORF195500:45:05910
13Les SmithardKFOM195200:51:34835
14George EssonGRAMPM194800:54:01807
15Lisa HutchisonINVOCF195501:03:44694
16Veronica VargasINVOCF196201:03:47694
-Caroline HornbyMORF196400:33:59
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