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British Sprint Championships Qualifiers, 14/09/2019

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ME-A (length: 3km, climb: 25m, 25 controls)
Point calculations
1,282.03 + (82.23 x (1,007.86 - T)) / 172.75
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Kristian JonesFVOM199100:12:581391
2Alex CarcasINTM199800:14:011361
3Philip VokesODM199600:14:141355
4Finn LydonAROSM199900:14:241351
5Murray StrainINTM198300:14:481339
6Josh O'Sullivan-HourihanM199800:15:02
7Alistair ThorntonFVOM199600:15:111328
8Matthew RochesterCLAROM200100:15:191324
9Joe HuddWCOCM200300:15:421313
10Andrew StempAIREM199700:15:441312
11Kin Wai LeeODM199800:16:15
12Darragh HoareM200200:16:22
13Thomas HowellSNM200100:16:251293
14James RogersLOCM199300:16:411285
15Eoghan WilesSOCM199600:16:501281
16Craig LucasLOGM199700:17:241265
17Scott CollierKERNOM198600:17:311261
18Felix LunnCUOCM200200:17:341260
19Christopher MacKenzieCLOKM199300:17:591248
20Richard GaleDVOM198500:18:441227
21Chris Hartmann-LambertSYOM199100:18:501224
22Matthew DixonHHM200200:18:581220
23Ben GoodwinWCOCM200100:20:371173
24Andrew WardLEIM198800:23:121099
25Donatas TumaitisCHIGM198400:24:051074
-Graham GristwoodFVOM198400:15:31
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