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Scottish Night Champs, 15/02/2020

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1 (length: 8.55km, climb: 95m, 28 controls)
Point calculations
1,298.97 + (62.92 x (254,801.05 - T)) / 59,805.37
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Mark NixonFVOM198451:07:001373
2Thomas WilsonCLYDEM199751:38:001371
3Tom LinesINTM199957:34:001349
4Daniel SpencerWCOCM200057:44:001348
5Andrew LlewellynFVOM198757:54:001348
6Andrew LindsayAROSM199458:40:001345
7Thomas LaraiaEUOCM200058:55:001344
8Alasdair PedleyAROSM199959:46:001341
9Andrew StempAIREM199763:00:001328
10Jon EugsterEUOCM199564:34:001323
11Simon GardnerCLYDEM198865:44:001318
12Kyle HeronSTAGM198766:18:001316
13Jonathan MalleyNATOM199267:10:001313
14Johannes PetersenINVOCM198170:18:001301
15Thomas EriksenSTAGM198876:55:001276
16Mehmet KaratayBASOCM198382:51:001253
17Matthew FoskettNNM199788:14:001233
18Callum TylerESOCM199392:53:001215
19Rudi PaulSTAGM200097:56:001196
20Michael StanwixINTM199898:48:001193
21Alasdair RaynorM2001101:03:001184
22Tyler MorrisonESOCM1991101:06:001184
-Joseph WrightEUOCM200051:46:00
-Noah HowlettBOFM199853:08:00
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