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East Cheshire Urban weekend Day 1 Macclesfield West, 30/10/2021

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3 (length: 5.2km, climb: 80m, 28 controls)
Point calculations
1,105.11 + (127.30 x (121,802.73 - T)) / 27,110.85
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Quentin HardingCLAROM196224:07:001269
2Duncan HarrisDEEM196624:46:001258
3John EmbreySROCM195826:04:001236
4Trevor HindleMDOCM196427:15:001216
5Brian WardHALOM196227:36:001210
6Jon HateleyDEEM196328:36:001194
7Sally CallandDVOF197530:09:001167
8Ruth KerCLAROF196730:27:001162
9Ian HopkinsWREM196630:31:001161
10Graham NilsenDEEM195831:09:001150
11Graham JohnsonDVOM195531:44:001141
12Graham CapperSROCM195832:03:001135
13Peter GorvettSYOM194733:17:001114
14Helen RennieWCOCF197333:59:001103
15Tim PalmerDEEM196434:13:001099
16Paul TurnerSELOCM195834:16:001098
17Ianka EvansPOTOCF196734:49:001088
18Alan OgdenMDOCM196036:37:001058
19David McCannMDOCM196336:43:001056
20Jo MatthewSROCF197437:59:001035
21Sarah BaylissWREF196839:15:001014
22Andrew ThorntonMDOCM196041:53:00969
23Adrian BaileyHOCM196646:46:00886
24Chris O'DonnellDVOM196847:36:00872
25Graham HeapMDOCM196148:26:00858
26Steve NichollsMDOCM195754:10:00761
27Nicola CoppockF198154:14:00
28Lynn HallF198154:22:00
29Catherine MachinF198154:23:00
30Charlotte CarpentierF198161:24:00
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