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Deeside weekend - SOUL 3, 07/03/2020

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2S (length: 2.7km, climb: 35m, 17 controls)
Point calculations
1,217.76 + (61.82 x (1,117.00 - T)) / 74.35
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Helen BridleESOCF197900:17:011298
2Laura KingAIREF199900:17:341270
3Niamh HunterEUOCF200000:17:481259
4Ellie BalesPOTOCF200000:17:581250
5Eilidh CampbellEUOCF200100:18:101240
6Helen OckendenDRONGOF199700:18:481209
7Kirsty CampbellMAROCF200100:18:541204
8Rachel KirklandFVOF197100:20:151136
9Rachel HendrieFVOF199700:21:051095
10Roanne LilleyEUOCF199900:21:06
11Katrina McLeodGRAMPF199400:21:201082
12Rachel CollinsLVOF200100:22:051045
13Lucia PargaEUOCF199500:22:151036
14Heidi RossAUOCF199900:22:55
15Karen MaxwellRRF199500:25:27877
16Lucie HamplovaESOCF199400:28:49709
-Katrina ShilladayF000000:48:58
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