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NWO SEOUL Urban Event, 17/07/2021

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Course 5 (length: 3.8km, climb: 70m, 17 controls)
Point calculations
882.65 + (126.30 x (3,147.07 - T)) / 623.68
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Janet RosenHHF195500:36:091081
2Christopher BranfordWIMM194600:37:071069
3Michael HamptonODM194600:41:111020
4Ted McDonaldBOKM194300:44:29979
5Frank InceSWOCM194200:46:36954
6Joanne LeighHOCF196700:48:50927
7Denise MullinsSARUMF195100:52:29882
8Sue HandsWIMF194800:54:55853
9Tony LudfordBADOM194400:55:03851
10Sally ThomasBOKF194500:55:04851
11Rosalind TauntonNGOCF195000:56:06838
12Mary NixonSOCF194900:56:42831
13Howard ThomasBOKM194500:57:41819
14Lynn BranfordWIMF195000:59:47794
15Ruth RhodesSOF194201:01:52768
16David NixonSOCM194401:16:49587
17David LeeNGOCM193601:36:40345
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