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Scottish 6 Days - Day 5 (UKOL), 06/08/2021

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C12 (length: 4.225km, climb: 130m, 11 controls)
Point calculations
948.08 + (98.03 x (5,637.06 - T)) / 1,187.11
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Steven McHargINTM198800:50:311163
2daniel WhiteheadMAROCM197200:52:411153
3Iain CattermoleM000001:00:03
4Andrew McHargINTM198801:10:431063
5Carys ThomasEUOCF200301:11:461058
6Finlay DownieTAYM000001:21:25
7Scott NeweyMAROCM196901:22:381004
8Stuart CrawfordWCOCM196801:23:131001
9Hannah CooperBOFF197801:24:58993
10Rodney WhiteWIMM197201:25:50988
11Hilary EastleyBLF195501:25:59988
12Gemma CollinsMAROCF200401:26:47984
13Susan FordNNF199001:34:41944
14Luke CollinsLVOM200301:35:16942
15Leah BartlettINTF200301:38:08927
16Ruth WilsonNATOF197801:38:54924
17David RoseBOFM195001:41:59908
18Fiona DownieTAYF196201:43:47899
19David DownieTAYM200301:45:32891
20Marian WhiteWREF196001:48:03878
21Jonathan BookerEBORM197501:52:09858
22Kim SandersonNATOF197501:54:09848
23Rebecca NisbetSMOCF200101:57:49830
24Elizabeth EmbreyMDOCF198902:03:58799
25Allan DownieTAYM195802:10:33767
26Frances MoseleySROCF198202:13:41751
27Kirsten RobertsonCLYDEF200402:27:56681
28Ian CoweM195102:46:58
-Paul GainesBLM197101:09:24
-Jessica BreezeWCOCF200201:27:49
-Bridget JardineBLF196001:36:18
-Kora HolschbachEUOCF200101:42:13
-Sally HeppellWCOCF197702:02:30
-Jo McKendrickMDOCF196402:28:25
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