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Scottish 6 Days - Day 5 (UKOL), 06/08/2021

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UKOL C2 (M20,M35) (length: 7.625km, climb: 360m, 15 controls)
Point calculations
1,272.50 + (66.97 x (6,226.36 - T)) / 1,191.44
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Matthew GoochEUOCM200201:05:021403
2Flurry GriersonDEVONM200201:08:511390
3Peter GardnerINTM198501:30:161318
4Finlay JohnsonSROCM200201:32:171311
5Dominic DakinSYOM200101:37:491293
6Simon GardnerCLYDEM198801:38:431290
7Tom NicholAYROCM199801:41:101281
8Tim KieniewiczWREM198301:48:291257
9Joe TauntonSYOM198701:49:351253
10Tom StokkermansM000001:50:18
11Samuel DrinkwaterERYRIM199401:51:471245
12Oliver WilliamsMDOCM199501:52:171244
13James WalshMDOCM198801:59:141220
14William ThomasMWOCM200202:04:07
15Lawrence JonesSMOCM199602:06:361196
16Edward StottSLOWM198302:11:261179
17Matthew BurdenSYOM198302:11:341179
-Ben GoodwinWCOCM200101:41:29
-Samuel TauntonNGOCM198602:54:01
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