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Cambridge North Urban, 12/09/2021

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2 (length: 6.2km, 29 controls)
Point calculations
1,078.25 + (99.40 x (2,717.27 - T)) / 393.09
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Sarah-Jane BarrableSLOWF198400:36:041218
2David DixonHHM197200:36:181215
3Graeme AcklandINTM196200:40:011158
4Roger GoodingSOSM197400:41:471131
5Philip BartramNORM197200:42:401118
6Fiona TamSLOWF198900:42:421118
7Jenny CarlssonF198600:42:46
8Philip SorrellQOM197700:43:161109
9Jonathan GilbertNORM195900:44:131095
10Keith BennettDFOKM197200:44:231092
11Bronwen ManselSUFFOCF199800:45:161079
12Charlotte ColesHHF198300:48:221032
13Stuart HatfieldWAOCM198100:49:001022
14Andrea PageLOGF197600:49:051021
15Adam RileyWAOCM198100:51:07990
16Jonathan WardWAOCM197400:52:34968
17Rachel SequeiraHHF198700:52:59961
18Ana GarciaF198600:54:16
19emily vallowSUFFOCF199001:01:03839
20Paul ButtBOFM196701:03:10807
21Maciej JablonskiWAOCM197901:03:13806
-Brian CoweWAOCM197600:40:26
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