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National Event (UKOL) and YHOA SuperLeague, 20/02/2022

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UKOL Very Short Green (W75,W85) (length: 2.675km, climb: 80m, 10 controls)
Other courses: UKOL Black (M21) | UKOL Brown (M35,M40) | UKOL Short Brown (M18,M20,M45,M50,W21) | UKOL Blue (M16,M55,M60,W35,W40) | UKOL Short Blue (M65,W18,W20,W45,W50) | UKOL Green (M70,W16,W55,W60) | UKOL Short Green (M75,M80,W65,W70) | Light Green | Orange | Yellow | White

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1 Sheila Carey OD F 1946 00:44:05
2 Adam Collinge AIRE M 1972 01:00:02
3 Alison Sloman HOC F 1936 01:23:49
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