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YHOA Urban League & YHOA Sprint Championships - HALO at 40 (day 1) - Sprints, 25/06/2022

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C (length: 2.1km, climb: 5m, 20 controls)
Point calculations
915.73 + (193.86 x (1,378.78 - T)) / 430.98
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Robbie LightfootSYOM200800:12:52
2Neil HarvattHALOM195600:15:251120
3Paul BradburySYOM195700:15:301118
4Anna ToddSYOF200800:15:41
5Bill HanleySYOM195300:16:301091
6Mike CapperWAOCM195500:16:311090
7Joseph GuySYOM200800:17:00
8Andrew LewsleyBLM195500:17:161070
9John LebeterCLAROM195500:17:261065
10John BroadheadLOCM195500:18:101046
11Stella LewsleyBLF195400:18:431031
12Karen ClarkEBORF195500:20:17989
13Stephen EastleyBLM195400:20:19988
14Kevin GallagherLEIM194900:20:35980
15Patricia DaviesBLF195500:21:04967
16Gerry SymesAIREM194800:21:26957
17Arabella WoodrowEPOCF195400:21:41951
18Liz DrewCLAROF194900:23:20906
19Gillian RossEPOCF194800:23:38898
20Mike RidealghEBORM194900:24:21879
21Maureen WebbLEIF195300:25:02860
22Linda KellyCLAROF195700:25:52838
23James MartinCLOKM200900:27:35
24Jackie PageEPOCF195000:29:30740
25Alex GymerHALOM195300:30:32712
26Mary CarrickHALOF194900:31:52676
27Rachel ThomasSMOCF195500:34:50596
28Christine WilliamsSYOF195600:35:12586
29Kate GymerHALOF195300:35:35576
30Patricia SimmonsHALOF195100:45:09317
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