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NI Middle Distance Championships, 24/07/2021

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4 (length: 2.95km, climb: 45m, 11 controls)
Point calculations
967.50 + (63.38 x (3,146.08 - T)) / 462.31
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1John McCullough3ROCM195600:39:20
2Philip BaxterLVOM195200:43:071044
3Richard McCourtLVOM194300:43:101044
4Helen BaxterLVOF195500:43:151043
5Ann SavageLVOF195500:45:011029
6Heather CairnsLVOF196400:45:411023
7David BlairNWOCM195300:46:491014
8Ruth BlairNWOCF196300:47:261009
9Raymond FinlayFERMOM195100:48:301000
10Denis MurphyLVOM195600:52:41965
11Anthony McGonigleNWOCM195300:55:41941
12Frederick CorscaddenNWOCM195400:56:52931
13Mary HealyGENF195600:57:47
14Teresa FinlayFERMOF195000:58:13920
15Fred HamondLVOM195101:00:59897
16Jean O'NeillFINF194601:03:26
17Richard WilliamsonLVOM195001:03:58873
18Alison CollinsLVOF196401:04:07871
19Anne BellLVOF195201:04:41867
20Nigel J Foley-FisherLVOM195001:07:48841
21Alan GartsideLVOM194301:07:59840
22Aileen McCarronLVOF196501:16:35769
23Barbara Foley-FisherLVOF195101:28:50668
-Harry BellLVOM194901:00:41
-Edith BridcutGENF196601:19:03
-Daphne HamondLVOF195501:35:47
-Jenny OrrLVOF195102:01:47
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