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Kings Lynn Urban, 29/05/2022

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4 (length: 4.2km, 19 controls)
Point calculations
1,004.75 + (134.60 x (2,803.96 - T)) / 642.37
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Gavin CleggWSXM195500:33:011177
2Brian WardHALOM196200:33:271172
3Mick SmithHHM194800:35:431143
4Alan RosenHHM195500:36:411131
5Don McKerrowSLOWM195200:38:091113
6Bruce BryantODM195700:38:191111
7Sue HartleyWAOCF195600:40:241084
8Liz PhillipsODF196400:40:421081
9Mick LuckingNOCM195700:40:531078
10Malcolm LyonTVOCM195600:41:151074
11Paul FergusonSROCM195100:43:311045
12Bob HillRAFOM195600:44:191035
13Sarah ManselSUFFOCF196500:44:291033
14Peter WoodsWAOCM195700:44:321032
15Richard BonnettBAOCM195500:45:511016
16Mick ListonNORM194900:46:051013
17Jamie Austin-MillsNORM198000:46:101012
18Sue WoodsWAOCF195700:47:35994
19Michael BickleWAOCM194800:47:42993
20Bruce MarshallWAOCM195200:47:58989
21Viv HodsonHHF196400:50:33957
22Kevin GallagherLEIM194900:51:41943
23Jeffrey BakerLOGM195100:56:11886
24Stephen RichardsSELOCM195300:58:02863
25Andrew WillingtonNORM195800:58:48853
26Grahame CrawshawMDOCM194801:00:44829
27Louise BarrettNORF196601:01:54814
28Kenneth HutsonHALOM195101:08:55726
29David LeFevreDFOKM195701:09:06724
30Tim EdenNORM195301:12:19683
31Peter DargueLEIM195401:15:46640
32Liz LargeNORF196601:18:15609
33Paul GartonNORM195001:36:11383
-Amanda WardHALOF196300:24:24
-Anna NilsenDEEF195800:42:56
-Stephen SearleNORM195101:50:11
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